Hi! I am Roger Harvey – Fine Art Photographer & Visual Artist

From a young age I picked up my first camera, well my dads’ camera, while on a family holiday. Being an inquisitive kid, always interested to figure out the mechanics of how things worked; only decades later I would link the dots that this was the beginning of a keen eye for the perspective of seeing the world with a curiosity of capturing it through the lens.

With a lifelong fascination of the universe, both physically and spiritually. Planet, star and moon gazing, philosophy, ideology, mythology, science and other worldly vast splendor of the unknown that is incomprehensible to humankind is what thrilled my observation through my much-loved telescope.

It was when I experimented by bringing camera to telescope is when the journey started and the possibility of linking the two, what a journey that has taken me on.

With over twenty years of trial and error I have become knowledgeable in the art and found it as an emotional expression.

Extending my art to capturing moments of raw, human moments shows a capacity to really feel the vulnerability and candid nature of my subjects and thus revealing these same traits in myself.

Being a night owl and using my battle with insomnia to my advantage, I use the stillness of the night for my alone time with my thoughts. Taking my time to find the perfect location and patience to capture the night sky magic.

Learning every day and with the curiosity of exploring angles I haven’t shot before.The journey endless with possibility.

“Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. — Carl Sagan”